Mar 05

A few Sundays ago, we had the privilege of hearing a testimony from Charlotte Munday. Charlotte has been such a blessing and encouragement to our church. I hope her story reminds you of God’s steadfast love and faithfulness toward her and all of us.



“I would like to share with you all a little bit about myself and my life and how I became a Christian and how my life has changed through this last year since opening my eyes and heart to the Gospel.

My name is Charlotte and for those of you who don’t know me, I am recently 30 and a mum to Isla who is four and Freddie who is two. We live in Bristol and have been coming to Grace Church for nearly a year now.

I went to a Catholic girls school. I would go to Anglican midnight mass on Christmas Eve with my family, but the majority of my exposure and knowledge of Christianity was Catholicism through school from the ages of eleven to eighteen. But if anyone asked my religion growing up I would probably have said I was a Christian, but actually now I don’t really think I was a Christian at all. I didn’t really grow up in an openly religious family, I remember praying when my mum was dying, but I think I felt my prayers were unanswered when she passed away, so felt genuinely confused by faith, and eternal life.

A year ago, I was encouraged by some members of the Church family here, to come along to Christianity Explored. I had no idea what I had let myself into, but felt immediately drawn to learn more about it, I was offered cheese and wine on the first evening, and had an evening out from babies. So it felt like the beginning of something new!

At the time I was struggling through another very difficult time in my life. My husband left me after Freddie was born, so I found myself abandoned, completely exhausted and alone and with the prospect of a very messy and expensive divorce to add to the stress. I constantly found myself struggling to work out why this had happened to me. In Christianity Explored we read through Mark’s gospel discussing it and questioning it, and I started to be able to answer one of my questions. Why do people do bad things? Sin. That was why. People sin, we all do. I started to be able to apply gospel teaching to my life and my understanding of life, and through this started seeing a relationship forming between myself and Christ. The more I read and studied the Bible the more I began to trust in the words of the Gospel and found myself wanting to learn more.

Trusting anyone or anything again, I thought would never happen, but this developing relationship started to change me and how I could see a future. It was at this point, I knew that I had become a Christian, I was trusting in God. I joined the ‘A-Team Chapman’ home group and began to get stuck into the church community, and was baptised in June last year by Nathan and Matt on our church weekend away in the swimming pool!

Through the words of the Bible, I feel less alone, less like a lost sheep, I feel God is at my side. Being a single parent, I do now rest in the knowledge that I am not parenting alone. The children aren’t going to miss out on fatherly love, but I can show them the love of the Lord our father. I definitely feel less guilt for what I can’t provide them, as I can offer them the greatest gift….Christ, whom provides, even if my bank account tells me otherwise!! And he has provided for us; I own my own home, am able to earn an income and am able to provide for my family.

Becoming a Christian has allowed me to find ‘me’ again and a way to move on. I have made friends for life in Grace Church, as have Isla and Freddie, and also found a relationship that will last eternity, through learning more of Christ, his life and what he has done for us. I don’t feel scared about our future, or court dates, or mediation sessions but excited about what is to come, as for all life’s ups and downs, my trust in the Lord is now allowing me to enjoy life, enjoy being a mum and smile again. “



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