Apr 25


Sunday 27th April 2014

Sunday’s coming!  Join us this week as we gather as a church family to raise our voices and sing the praises of our good and gracious God, and Saviour Jesus Christ!  As we gather, Jadie Stiven will be leading us in our time of singing praises to God, and is planning on using the following songs:


This week we’re pleased to be joined by our friend and guest preacher, Andy Paterson (pictured right).  Andy serves as Missions Director for the FIEC, and was previously senior minister of Kensington Baptist Church in Bristol.  Andy will be preaching a message from Colossians 4:2-6.


The service starts at 10:30am.  Complimentary refreshments are available from 10am.

We have a creche that runs throughout the morning for children aged 6months-4year olds.  The doors open at 10:20am for our Sunday Kids Club, for children aged 5-10years old.

If you are planning on a visit you can find out what to expect,  what is available for children, and get a map and directions from your location to our meeting venue, Bristol Metropolitan Academy.




Oct 10

We realise we’ve been neglecting our church blog for sometime!


Our hope is to start posting some stuff that will be of benefit to you the members of Grace Church, as we walk out life together as church a family.

But let’s get a couple of things straight!

  • Don’t hold your breath for posts!
  • Don’t expect fantastic content and for us to be a loud voice into the wider conversations going on in the church at large.


Do look out for stuff that we think might help us as a local congregation:

  • Grow in our love and commitment towards Jesus.
  • Grow in our love and commitment towards one another.
  • Grow in our appreciation for gospel partnerships we share, both locally and globally.
  • Grow in our love and urgency for the lost world around us.


I hope that we manage more than “sporadic” postings.  I hope the posts bless us all as we seek to grow as a community of believers who believe, live out and represent the good news of the gospel to our community, city and beyond.

Soli Deo Gloria.


Jun 12

It was great to be together this morning and celebrate the grace and goodness of God, and join our voices in songs of praise!

Today’s sermon, preached by Peter Bowley and the second message in a three-part mini-series exploring the “One Another” commands of Scripture, is available to listen to or download from here, or via our iTunes podcast feed.


Jun 05

It was great to be together this morning and celebrate the grace and goodness of God, and join our voices in songs of praise!

Today’s sermon, preached by Peter Bowley and the first message entitled a New Commandment from John 13:31-35 in a three-part mini-series exploring the “One Another” commands of Scripture, is available to listen to or download from here, or via our iTunes podcast feed.


Jun 02

Tomorrow (3rd June 2011) is the next instalment of our “First Friday Fast” at Grace Church.  It’s one day a month we encourage all the people of Grace Church to set aside, to devote time to fasting and praying for our church and the advance of the gospel in our community and city.

If you plan to join us tomorrow in fasting and praying, may these specific points guide your praying:

1. There would be an increase in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our church life.

  • Pray that God would freshly pour out his Holy Spirit upon us and fill us as individuals and as a church.
  • Pray that God would revive us as a people, shatter our spiritual complacency and apathy and increase our hunger and passion for him, and deepen our longing for more of his power and presence in our life/church.
  • Pray that God would powerfully make himself known to us in our Sunday gatherings.


2. There would be an increase of faith in God, and confidence in the gospel to save sinners in our community and city.

  • Pray that God would replace our puny expectations of what He can do, with great expectations and great requests.  That we might, as the old hymn says, “ponder anew what the Almighty can do”.
  • Pray that God would fill us with his Holy Spirit, so we might be bold witnesses, overcoming our weaknesses and fear in evangelism, to faithfully proclaim and represent the gospel to our city and reach the lost of our community with the world-shattering, life-transforming truth of Jesus.
  • Pray that God would bring fresh new momentum to the unstoppable mission, and that the gospel might sweep through our community and city bringing many people to salvation for the glory of the risen and exalted Jesus!

As I was recently thinking through the importance of fasting, the following blog post came to my attention.  It was written by Tim Shorey, who is a pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in New Jersey, USA.  Hope it helps as you prepare for tomorrow.


Tim Writes:
“Have you ever been so hurried and harried that when some good news or circumstaces arrived you had to stop what you were doing, pause in mid-activity, put things down, take a deep breath, and then pay attention to take it all in?

That’s something of what Christian fasting is. It’s stopping the mad rush and frantic pace to pause, stop what you’re doing, put things down, take a deep breath, get focused, and enjoy the news of all that God is and has for us in Christ! Try that out this coming week and see if maybe it transforms your abstinence from fast to feast!

Here’s what the fasting believer carries with him/her into each season of abstinence:

1. Confidence that the fast will not make God love him/her more, though it will help us to love God more. God cannot love us any more than He already does. Fasting (or not) does not affect the love of God for us; it affects only the love we have for God.

2. Confidence that our standing before God is not dependent on the frequency or quality of one’s fasts. Our standing before God rests on the finished work of Christ in our behalf, and the perfect life and obedience (which includes flawless fastings) which Jesus performed while on earth and credits to our account upon our faith in Him.

3. Confidence that our fasting is inspired, sustained and made fruitful by the Spirit of Grace within us. We need not fast in our own strength, but as with all works we do, we may fast in the strength of Christ through His Spirit.

4. Confidence that as we draw near to God through Christ in fasting and prayer, God is going to prepare a feast of grace for us as we linger in less distracted fellowship in His presence.


Nov 08



*Christmas is a time when people are particularly open to coming to church, and engaging with the Nativity story.  This series is intended to be a wonderful opportunity to invite our friends to church.  The services on these mornings more orientated towards guests and unbelievers.  The messages will be shorter (undrer 30mins!), and we’ll be singing more “Christmas-sy songs” and carols, and having seasonal refreshments after each meeting!